For Underwriters

Average Adjusting Services for Insurers

1.  Specialist opinions: How often have you turned to an attorney for an opinion on coverage and quantum only to find that your Insured interprets this as an adversarial gesture? He then appoints his own attorney and, at best, a client is lost, and at worst a claim for which you had every intention of finding a solution ends up in litigation.

We offer a non-confrontational, non-adversarial alternative, acting as an added resource in your claims-handling system. You can come to us for opinions on coverage and quantum: whether a claim is covered, how the policy would be interpreted under market custom and practice and how much should be paid. We can, with your authorization, recommend appropriate levels of settlement.

2.  Casualty management: We have an extensive panel of cargo and hull surveyors throughout North America and Latin America. Jonathan Spencer speaks fluent Spanish. We are uniquely qualified to put together an efficient, cost-effective team to deal not only with major casualties but also smaller, local problems where the expense of sending experts from the US would not be warranted.

3. Average agency: We deploy our panel of cargo and hull surveyors, identifying the optimal service provider on a case-by-case basis, to provide a peerless response to claims of any magnitude.

4.  Arbitration: Why not include an arbitration clause in your policies to overcome difficulties of jurisdiction, interpretation and applicable law? We can act as arbitrators and conciliators in the search for an equitable solution to policy controversies.

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