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All average adjusters are not created equal. Of particular relevance in the US, if your insurance brokers have average adjusters on staff, you also have the option of instructing independent average adjusters, and we will work in close cooperation with your brokers to ensure a prompt and accurate claim outcome.

Here are some distinguishing characteristics of the service that we offer:

  • We deal with all sizes of claim, from complex, multi-million-dollar cases to small ones, which often are no less complex than large ones.  Our guiding principle is to provide a responsive and cost-effective service.  For any claim, regardless of size, we will recommend the most efficient approach, be it a conventional average adjustment, abbreviated adjustment, or letter adjustment.  In cases where all the items are claimable in full from Underwriters, we will draw up an Owner’s statement of claim, and charge no fee.  We do not perform work that does not need to be done.
  • Average adjusters are appointed by the vessel Owners and our fees are paid by Underwriters.  Average adjusting fees are a function of the size, complexity and amount of the claim.  For some clients we have established a fee tariff and for others we work on a case-by-case basis.  Fees for General Average adjustments typically fall in the 6%-10% range, with ‘policy’ GA’s, which is to say, GA’s claimed under General Average Absorption Clauses in the hull policy, falling at the lower end of the scale.  Fees for Particular Average and other classes of claim fall into a wide range, 3% to 8%, with the vast majority falling solidly in the middle.  We are happy to develop a fee schedule tailored to your individual requirements. 
  • Our clientele runs the gamut of NASDAQ companies to single vessel owner-operators.  We have handled claims on general cargo vessels, container carriers, car carriers, oil tankers, dredges, demolition tows, bulk carriers, liquefied natural gas carriers, tugs, deck, hopper and tank barges, cruise ships, casino & dinner boats, yachts, fishing vessels, tuna clippers and, on one occasion, a wooden kelp harvester.  For some of our clients, the speedy resolution of a claim can mean the ability to meet next week’s payroll, for others a small claim might be immaterial to their balance sheet.  Regardless, we look at your cash flow as though it were our own – we think it unlikely that you will find a more responsive average adjusting organization anywhere.  
  • You might have seen and heard our principal, who often attends and speaks at industry conferences worldwide.  

Our goal is to deliver to you the most responsive, accurate and cost-effective service available in the market.  Please contact us and allow us to address your individual requirements.

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